Hello and welcome to my own little blog.

My name is Magnus Boman and I work at Novell in Sydney as a Premium Service Engineer.

Nothing in this blog expresses the view of my employer.


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13 12 2007

Magnus, I was tracking your posts via the ATOM feed at blogspot, but I can’t find that here. You might call this host sexy, but it’s not very convenient for your readers 🙂

By the way, there is a tiny smiley in the bottom left corner.

Oh, well, I read the source and found the feed. Somehow Epiphany can’t see it. If anyone is interested: https://slabme.wordpress.com/feed/

13 12 2007
Captain Magnus


Sorry to disappoint :-/
I had two reasons for moving over here;

1. Tag Clouds
I love clouds 🙂
2. Formatting of source code
I found it impossible to format “source code extracts” on blogspot. It all ended up as normal text but with a fixed font and it made be cry every time

According to the wordpress FAQ, a feed is a feed (ie rss) and they don’t really care so not much I can do about it I’m afraid…

The smiley at the bottom left corner is a probably a virus 🙂

13 12 2007

Hey Magnus, I don’t mind if it’s RSS or ATOM, only that I couldn’t find the link to it unless I inspected the page’s source code with my own eyes. Somehow Epiphany is missing it and I don’t see any obviously visible element on the page for the humans at the keyboard to find.

Now to read today’s update. Performance and optimization analysis reports are thrilling 😀

15 08 2010

I have read your post about Beyonwiz and telnet function.

I have downloaded all the necessary tools but I need some guidance in how to apply the telnet patch.
Can you please advise me.

24 05 2013

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26 05 2013

Bye-Cialis health care

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