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19 03 2008

I was idling in the #opensuse-gnome channel on IRC today when a user came in, asking for help. We managed to sort his issue out in 10 minutes. He then asked another question, which again didn’t take to long to answer. But then…

user: is there a gnome ppp for gnome?
user: the only thing i found is the source to compile which would be a real hassle for me because of all te dependecies that i will need
captain_magnus: Source for?
user: gnome-ppp
captain_magnus: Hang on... Lemme have a look
user: k thnx
captain_magnus: Sorry, can't find a pre-built one.. Do you have a url? Perhaps we could add it to our build service
user: sure hold on
user: from that site you can download the source code
user: you will need gtk++ 2.4.x to compile it correctly and gtk needs files, etc. etc.
captain_magnus: Ok... I'll see if it's somewhat easy to compile and if so, I'll build an rpm... Are you hanging around for a bit?
user: yes
captain_magnus: Ok, it was easy to compile and install... I'll try to create an rpm for it now...
captain_magnus: Btw; Are you on 10.2 or 10.3?
user: 10.3
user: ive got an i686 btw
user: please dont upload any viruses in the rpm
user: will i be able to install it via rpm if i dont have gtk++?
captain_magnus: You should not have any issues installing the rpm... You will add a repo from the openSUSE buildservice and install it from there, which will then install any dependencies
user: so you've already uploaded the rpm onto
captain_magnus: No :-) I must first build a .spec file for it... Almost done
user: ok dont mean to bug you
user: take ur time i got a couple hours
captain_magnus: Yeah, I'm no expert when it comes to packaging... But hopefully we get it to work on the first go...
captain_magnus: It's building in build service now... Will have to wait for that to complete...
user: k
captain_magnus: You should be able to add my repository and install gnome-ppp now:

I’m sure the .spec file I created when I built the package for this user wasn’t the best one but it worked for him/her. After this, I started thinking about those users who don’t have experience with compiling packages etc, and why should they need it? Sure, they can always come to IRC and we build it for them but… 🙂
I’m thinking that we should allow users to upload tar balls to our execellent build service and it will automatically create a spec file and build the package for it. This, I’m guessing, is of course not possible for every package out there, but really, it should be possible to unpack the tar ball, figure out it’s dependencies etc, and create a spec file automatically.

Perhaps this is even a good idea for openSUSE Summer of Code?




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23 04 2008

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