Things that “never” happen…

28 01 2008

Just had to report what happen in #opensuse-gnome today;

<kallepersson> Just a bit of thankfulness this monday morning: The search field in the SLAB menu is so damn awesome! 🙂
<captain_magnus> Hmm… What’s wrong with this picture… People don’t say thank you when something is working… 🙂
<kallepersson> Hah.
<kallepersson> Just thankful I guess.
<captain_magnus> 🙂
<kallepersson> If it wasn’t for SUSE I guess I’d still be stuck on that horrible *other operating system*
<kallepersson> Ew.
<captain_magnus> OS/X you mean? Hehe…
<kallepersson> Um. Not really, no 🙂
* captain_magnus saved kallepersson’s quotes for future use…
<kallepersson> Feel free to 🙂
<kallepersson> I run my own business, and that’s where I run SUSE – if it is of any importance.
<captain_magnus> What do you do?
<kallepersson> I run a small web agency.
<kallepersson> I needed a fast operating system that “just worked” and was virus-free.




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