13 12 2007

I’ve been playing with Application Browser from the tile-2 repo. It’s nothing like AB in the original code and it feels so much faster.

Unfortunately, the previous profiling were done on my old machine which is no longer with us. Although not very important, it’d still be interesting to see how the two versions compare, so I will get some numbers from both and put them up here.

I’ve been running the new AB through valgrind to get a handle on what this new code is doing. While checking the results in kcachegrind, I found this tab called “Call Graph”, so I clicked on it. And for a while, I thought I died and went to heaven 🙂

This fantastic graph popped up my screen


I have yet to figure out if it can give me time instead of percentage, but it will certainly make life easier either way!

Apparently, Mikael Meeks have some ideas on what to do with gnome-menus  (in which AB spends ~30% of it’s time), so looking forward to hear his ideas.




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